AI-8112 Coupons: The Future of Promotions


These new standardized, one-time use coupons solve a lot of problems traditionally found with current coupons. The Ai-8112 standard fights against counterfeit coupons and coupon fraud. Shoppers enjoy the convenience to have one coupon work for wherever they shop, in-store or online (no more searching for promo codes!). Retailers and manufacturers also get administrative benefits like streamlined acceptance and settlement plus real-time validation of coupon redemption.

Coupon fraud costs businesses $100M+ each year

AI-8112 uses real-time validation and serializes each coupon for single-use, processing coupons quickly and securely


AI-8112 coupons are available for digital or printed executions, like paper and save-to-device for in-store use, plus have the ability to use in online shopping and added to eCommerce carts.

the need for ai-8112

Regardless of your position in the commerce space, AI-8112 is going to affect your business. 

  • The new standard is live now and major CPG brands are using it.
  • The old standard will be discontinued and no longer function.
  • Consumer behavior is changing. Because of inflation and current affairs, there’s more of a focus on promotions and savings. More consumers will be demanding coupons. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers.


For retailers

  • Partner with Accelerators to connect to the Coupon Bureau and update your POS logic in-store and online, so your systems can accept the new coupon format.
  • There is no cost to retailers to get this software and accept the new coupons! 
  • SmartCommerce is the official eCommerce Accelerator partner for the Coupon Bureau. We can help you activate the e-commerce portion of AI-8112 acceptance. 
  • We’re accepting Retailer Integration requests! Not only can we streamline your integration, we can also help you manage your coupons based on your own Product IDs/SKUs/UPC as available, even if you don’t have GTINs on all your products.
  • Click here to register with the Coupon Bureau.

for brands and agencies

  • Start planning to integrate AI-8112 Universal Coupons into your campaigns. You’ll be able to reach well-beyond the typical coupon target audience with this new coupon standard. 
  • We are now accepting integration requests on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your requests in now!

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