• Is continuously updated – even with seasonal products
  • Is 95%+ hands-free (removes human error)
  • Works with partial/incorrect retailer data
  • Works across retailers, locales, languages and currencies
  • Is always getting smarter: Machine-learning enabled
  • Requires NO feeds, spreadsheets or links from brands!
SmartCommerce always knows what’s in stock (and can frictionlessly ID best substitutes for OOS/3P) to drive friction out and volume up. Creating and maintaining the connections between product and retailer requires sophisticated data analytics – mapping and re-mapping multi-variable layered ontological rules across multiple updates/hour for 10’s of millions of Product-Offer pairs across hundreds of retailers. (That's why we have a panel of Data Scientists driving our Data Engine!)

SmartLink for Ads & SociaL

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Click2Cart Direct SmartLinks give brands the ability to create shoppable media from display ads, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Tweets, video or email with one-click carting of products at a single retailer. Use Click2Cart SmartLinks to drive the highest carting rate.
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Click2Cart Shopper’s Choice SmartLinks offer consumers a simple choice of stores and/or products to cart via a customizable, branded landing page from your shoppable social posts. The landing page automatically shows only retailers that are geographically-relevant and have some version of the product in stock.


SmartShelves are shoppable mini-shelves you can curate, with just your products, or yours and partners'. Ideal for presenting products in context, and for accommodating products that require a choice of size, gender, color, etc, or to offer products from multiple brands displayed on a single landing page.


While recipes are a GREAT fit for SmartShops, the multi-category SmartCommerce product engine lets SmartShops extend to any products that are bought together like skincare regimens, DIY kits, party packs… anything that sells better when it’s contextually bundled!

SmartSite For Websites


This easy-to-implement Click2Cart code drives commerce from websites, pages, influencer pages, and more. Smartsite Carousels work by bringing the retailer cart onto your page, so ecommerce is only one click away. A carousel renders via brand rules based on retailer relevance and stock status. For category pages or when space is limited, SmartButtons let shoppers choose the retailer in two clicks (1 to open, 1 to select).


Eshops let shoppers easily view a curated selection of your products, then gather them into a basket to transfer to their retailer of choice. Use: For sites where the normal behavior is to gather several product variants before checking out (ex. seeds, cooking supplies, etc.).

Comprehensive Reporting

All of your results are easily accessible any time, via the SmartSuite Dashboard. All SmartCommerce subscriptions include unlimited seats, and unlimited support!

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