CPG Predictions for 2021 – Insights From Industry Professionals


2020 was quite a year for everyone and drove massive changes in the CPG world. As we said goodbye to 2020, we asked CPG industry leaders from top brands and agencies what they thought the new year might have in store. We wanted to share some of our favorite (and representative) responses – and don’t miss question 3!
Q: In what way/s have you seen CPG digital advertising change during Covid?
“Ecomm budgets are growing and are now accessible to shopper and brand teams.”
“I keep hearing ‘5 years change in 5 months’ or ’10 years change in 10 months.’… I’m not sure exactly what number is right, but there is no doubt we have accelerated the move to eCommerce in CPG, and that has been reflected in advertising that is focused on driving action, not awareness. We expect that will only continue and are preparing to win among consumers by inspiring action everywhere.”
“No particular changes but for the adaptation of the ADV contents to the COVID situation. A different approach to emotions and the creation of a new emotional bond with consumers.”
“CPG/Shopper dollars continue to flow (and increase in both volume and amount) to retailer-owned media properties and retailer-owned agencies (WMG for Walmart, 8451 for Kroger et al.). CVS and others are now in the full-time media arena with new exchanges (CVS Media Exchange (CMX), further increasing the competition and pressure for 3rd party media dollars.”
“It boosted eCommerce tremendously. Everyone now needs a carting solution.”
“Many CPGs accelerating their ecommerce, OPD work, clients testing, learning and wanting insights from adtech partners to help guide their marketing plans.”
Q: What consumer habits from during Covid do you think will stick around post-Covid?
“All contactless activity should stick around, including BOPIS, curbside, delivery, et al. as it’s both more financially advantageous to the retailer and prudent for the aging shopper base in the US and worldwide. An aggressive shift from brick and mortar to .com is not going away.”
“Fewer – and shorter – store visits.”
“Online purchases spread on different categories and trust in digital payments.”
“Shop from home, and everything that entails.”
“BOPIS / Curbside.”(we saw this response alot!)
“All things’ instant’: ecommerce, adding to cart, adding to list, shop now with companies such as GoPuff and Instacart. On Demand partners such as GoPuff have a huge opportunity in snacking for buy it now while watching/streaming and get the snack during the show, game, movie, sporting, or event.”
Q: While Covid has presented many challenges, is there anything positive that Covid has brought to you, personally or professionally?
“It helped me slow down and evaluate things in my life. I appreciate my family more.”
“A greater appreciation for normal life.”
“More time with my family.”
“Smart working! So more time for me to dedicate to personal passions.”
“Closeness to family has been a good thing, more time to reflect on the true values of life, increased amounts of silence and solitude are good for the soul.”
“Business is on fire – we made the right changes to meet consumers where/how they are. Personally, appreciating people in my life even more and letting them know how important they are to me (and professionally this has been a shift forward as well).”
The overwhelming message is that CPG/e-commerce budgets will continue to grow and that BOPIS/curbside/delivery isn’t going anywhere in 2021. And in the face of so much challenging news, it was beautiful to see the gifts of Covid in business growth, free time, and valuing the things that many hadn’t realized they had been taking for granted.
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