CPG Products Taking Up More Space in Santa’s Bag This Year

By: Jennifer Silverberg

This could be the merriest Christmas of all for e-commerce, with more people saying they plan to shop online than in stores this holiday season. We’ll see if those receipts end up eclipsing brick-and-mortar — but even if they don’t, it’s only a matter of (a short amount) of time.

Just as with toys, electronics and apparel, the holiday shopping season is a huge opportunity for CPGs. There’s no doubt shoppers are moving online to purchase CPG items — but as I told MarketingLand in a recent article on holiday impulse buying for CPG brands, the way consumers shop online for these products is different than how they do it in stores.

Smart manufacturers have figured out that removing purchase barriers streamlines the path to conversion. There are two key ingredients in this recipe: creating intent and enabling action to buy quickly before that impulse-driven intent is forgotten.

One example we recently saw was Del Monte partnering with Campbell’s and French’s to promote their famous holiday recipe – green bean casserole. Click2Cart (from SmartCommerce) let shoppers load the products from each company into the online retail shopping cart of their choice, with one mouse click. It’s the digital (and better) version of placing all the items together in the same endcap display.

We’re also doing the same thing on Pinterest. One brand created a candy-craft project that is easy for Pinterest users to make. The hardest part is collecting all the supplies — but SmartCommerce enabled a “virtual bundle” for consumers to cart the jar, decorative ribbons and the candy that goes inside in one simple step.

These kinds of strategies help CPG brands build sales during the holiday season — and beyond. Whether shoppers are looking for a special dish to cook for a potluck dinner, creating the perfect stocking for a special child, or building a basket of ingredients for that whiskey sour loving uncle on your list … single-click shopping is a shortcut that everybody can appreciate.

Keep your eyes peeled for continuing innovation in how CPG brands empower consumers to act on impulse decisions online or contact us today to see a demo of your brand using our Click2Cart technology!

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