Grocceryshop 2019 in 8 Tweets

#Groceryshop2019 is behind us. What a great gathering of the minds in CPG and Retail! eCommerce was front and center – but there was a lot of focus on doing it ‘well’ and making sure that everything leads to a frictionless path to purchase!

Probably our favorite new word ‘Stomach-share!

We’re very excited about what’s happening at Pinterest – stay tuned!

We wholeheartedly agree, there is very little digital space and making sure it converts is more important than ever!

Stories, recipes – all opportunities for CPG’s to creating conversions, with Click2cart!

Our CEO Jennifer Silverberg presented as well – if you’re interested in the presentation – drop us a note!

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We’ll be back next year!

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2023 CPG eCommerce & Promotions Report

Every year we take the pulse on the state of eCommerce and promotions. Our goal is to help better understand how consumers are shopping today versus a year ago. Some of the themes are similar to last year, such as inflation and out of stock

CPG Marketing blog

Announcing Click2Cart® Live from SmartCommerce

Makes Shoppable Multi-Retailer Ads Easy to Deploy, and Friction-Free for Consumers! Click2Cart Live brings dynamic, stock-aware retailer choice directly into ad units, unlocking multi-channel shopping in a single click for the consumer! SmartCommerce CTO, Rob Sefick, notes, “Consumers have embraced the simplicity of our stock

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