[infographic] Grocery Shopping Statistics

At a SmartCommerce panel, we surveyed 400 shoppers and found that 2/3 still like grocery shopping. In fact, 23% indicated that they really enjoy it. It’s important that brands give shoppers an online experience that’s equally as enjoyable as going to the store.

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The New Rules of “meCommerce”

SmartCommerce CEO Jennifer Silverberg recently spoke at the #firstmovr CATx eCommerce Growth Summit for Health and Beauty.  Her presentation, “The New Rules of meCommerce,” provided some critical insights into today’s consumers that will enable agencies, brands, and retailers alike to take eCommerce to the next

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SmartCommerce Survey: CPG e-Commerce & Promotions

Shoppers are using a blended model for shopping now more than ever. They’re mixing pick-up, delivery, in-store and online, with over 42% reporting they will continue to use a blend of shopping options over the next 6 months for their grocery and personal care shopping. Learn more by downloading our full report.

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