[infographic] Online Shopping Continues to Rise

Our recent survey confirmed that it’s becoming very hard to find people that don’t shop online. More than 50% of respondents bought something online this week, a significant increase from last year. What device is preferred for online shopping? Smartphones are becoming the go-to device, replacing both laptops and desktops in popularity. In fact, nearly 54% of people completed their last online order on a smartphone.

It’s important that brands ensure that their products are ready to buy where consumers are (online) and be optimized for their go-to platform (mobile).

If you’re interested in seeing more results from this survey, shoot us a note.

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2023 CPG eCommerce & Promotions Report

Every year we take the pulse on the state of eCommerce and promotions. Our goal is to help better understand how consumers are shopping today versus a year ago. Some of the themes are similar to last year, such as inflation and out of stock

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Announcing Click2Cart® Live from SmartCommerce

Makes Shoppable Multi-Retailer Ads Easy to Deploy, and Friction-Free for Consumers! Click2Cart Live brings dynamic, stock-aware retailer choice directly into ad units, unlocking multi-channel shopping in a single click for the consumer! SmartCommerce CTO, Rob Sefick, notes, “Consumers have embraced the simplicity of our stock

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