Topline Report from the 2017 Path to Purchase Expo

Last month, our team attended the 2017 Path to Purchase Expo which gathered thought leaders including from brands, retailers, agencies and category suppliers for three days of learning and collaboration. The Path To Purchase Institute deserves major kudos for pulling together some of the world’s brightest CPG retail minds, and delivering such a rich agenda — we left inspired!

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was how CPG brands and retailers are more aligned than ever as they collaborate to meet the needs of increasing numbers of omnichannel shoppers. Brands know that a healthy retail ecosystem is vital to their success and to consumer satisfaction, and we saw them actively partnering with retailers via shopper marketing and other partner programs — both online and off.

The SmartCommerce session at the E-commerce Symposium, The Digital Impulse Buy: A Game-Changer for CPG Brands, focused on how CPG online marketing is different from other categories because shoppers choose these products largely on impulse — and in-store merchandising has historically played a huge part in driving impulse. The shift to online shopping presents unique challenges for CPG marketers, but also big opportunities for those who build programs that fit the way shoppers are actually gathering products digitally.

As the always-on, digital-shopping Millennials rapidly grow their share of the grocery shopping market, CPG brands most adept at converting impulse buys online are poised to win big. If you missed the symposium, we’re happy to share our thoughts … or if you were there and would like to have a 1:1 conversation, we’d love that, too!

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The New Rules of “meCommerce”

SmartCommerce CEO Jennifer Silverberg recently spoke at the #firstmovr CATx eCommerce Growth Summit for Health and Beauty.  Her presentation, “The New Rules of meCommerce,” provided some critical insights into today’s consumers that will enable agencies, brands, and retailers alike to take eCommerce to the next

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SmartCommerce Survey: CPG e-Commerce & Promotions

Shoppers are using a blended model for shopping now more than ever. They’re mixing pick-up, delivery, in-store and online, with over 42% reporting they will continue to use a blend of shopping options over the next 6 months for their grocery and personal care shopping. Learn more by downloading our full report.

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