SmartCommerce Clients Reach $50m In CPG Carting In 2018 – Plans To Drive To $500m In 2019

The category has struggled for years with the missing link in driving online sales for consumer packaged goods products. CPG manufacturers are excellent at creating marketing that drives interest…and retailers excel at fulfilling online purchases, but those two aspects of conversion can seem to be miles apart. SmartCommerce is excited to have helped CPG brands bridge that gap in 2018, delivering the simple, easy path to purchase that consumers have always wanted to have in the online world.

The proof is in the pudding — or, the carting. Consumers saved more than $50 million of products to familiar retailer carts in 2018 using SmartCommerce Click2Cart® links, from existing brand digital touchpoints like brand websites, social media pages, and ads. Each of those clicks represent an impulse purchase a consumer made on a CPG product online that would likely not have happened without the simple, intuitive and convenient path to purchase that Click2Cart technology offers.

We all know that trying to change consumer behavior to fit an old or outdated model is a way to spend a lot of money with limited success. But, with the help of our CPG brand and agency clients, we have proven this year that if we make it easy for consumers to act in a way that feels natural and comfortable to them, they will.  And, they will again.

$50 million is only the beginning. Given our client brands’ aggressive growth plans, we think that we’ll be adding a zero to that number and together driving $500m this year. If you’re a brand or a retailer that we’re not working with, who would like to benefit from some of those product orders, please drop us an email or request a demo. We’d love to have you!

The New Rules of “meCommerce”

SmartCommerce CEO Jennifer Silverberg recently spoke at the #firstmovr CATx eCommerce Growth Summit for Health and Beauty.  Her presentation, “The New Rules of meCommerce,” provided some critical insights into today’s consumers that will enable agencies, brands, and retailers alike to take eCommerce to the next

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SmartCommerce Survey: CPG e-Commerce & Promotions

Shoppers are using a blended model for shopping now more than ever. They’re mixing pick-up, delivery, in-store and online, with over 42% reporting they will continue to use a blend of shopping options over the next 6 months for their grocery and personal care shopping. Learn more by downloading our full report.

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