Top Takeaways from this Year’s P2P Summit: Transparency, Waste-Free CPG, and More

In case there was ever any doubt, this year’s P2P Summit made it perfectly clear that CPG retailers and brands alike are turning their attention to “always-on” shoppers.

Last week’s two-day, 2019 Path to Purchase Summit featured speakers from Unilever, Enjoy Life Foods, Walmart Labs and more – sharing valuable insights into three key aspects needed to connect with today’s consumers: collaboration, omnichannel experience, and transparency.

Why Transparency is No Longer Optional

A substantial element to discussions at the event revolved around how critical a component transparency has become to building customer loyalty and growing a business.

With an entire track dedicated to the topic, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate on Label Insight’s transparency panel, “How to Avoid an Impulse Buy with No ROI” and lend a voice specifically to the CPG industry.

Moderated by Label Insight CEO, Ronak Sheth, the panel featured SmartCommerce CEO, Jennifer Silverberg, and speakers from Cognizant, sgsco, and Ascential. Together the group discussed how to meet consumer expectations around transparency in everything from package design to artificial intelligence, to augmented reality and eCommerce analytics.

The “Rise” of a New Publication

We were also excited to learn that two of our favorite industry publications Consumer Goods Technology and Shopper Marketing Magazine have joined forces to create Rise.

Rise, which stands for Retail Intelligence for the Strategic Enterprise, provides useful information to consumer brands as they continue to shift from being product-centric to consumer-centric. Check out the new publication here.

The New Era of Waste-Free CPG

Lastly, one of the most revolutionary takeaways from the event was the showcase of Loop, a new service that enables consumers to consume CPG products in waste-free packaging.

Launching on May 21, the service was created by TerraCycle, and works with leading CPG brands such as Tide, Pantene Pro, Clorox, Dove, Crest, and more to repackage products like shampoo, laundry detergent, soap, and even ice cream into reusable containers.

The best part (aside from saving the environment) is that these products are delivered to your doorstep, then picked up, refilled, and redelivered at your request.

With some of the most gorgeous packaging we’ve ever seen, this is innovation at it’s finest for the CPG industry.

Want to hear more about the event or learn more about our take on transparency in the CPG world? Please leave us a note or request a demo. We’d love to hear from you!

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