SmartCommerce at JBP X eCommerce Growth Summit Feb. 16th 2022

firstmovr hosted their annual JBP X eCommerce Growth Summit! 

Our CEO, Jennifer Silverberg, spoke on how to better target your customers and start using existing beyond-the-store touchpoints to inspire consumers when they are shopping this year and beyond! 

In the session, Jennifer explored shopper behavior insights based on data derived from 50 million+ shopper interactions.  

Key takeaways:
  • Passive shoppers are friction-averse
  • Passive shoppers are complexity-averse
  • Passive shoppers are easily distracted
  • Passive shoppers are highly inspirable
Watch a quick highlight of her presentation below:
Video Thumbnail
Look for SmartCommerce at the firstmovr CATx eCommerce Growth Summit/BevAlc in March 2022.

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